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Since today we are represented with AIR RAID 36/46 on BoardGameGeek (BGG). You are welcome to leave reviews and ratings there. Thank you very much! The pictures and information are still being uploaded there, but that always takes some time with the approval of admins and mods. Here is the link: BGG

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Additional Gaming Rules planned

Additional game rules are planned for the upcoming Air Raid 36/46 Kickstarter. These include those for escort fighters. Here is the current draft with some examples. Can you check the text for possible gaps and ambiguities? And of course it would also be very helpful if you could also test these rules in your Air Raid 36/46 games.

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Westwood Con 2024

Preparations for the Westwoodcon are underway. We will be there next Saturday to present an Air Raid 36/46 bomber scenario. We also offer discounts to pre-orderers/customers: Game box (please specify if Deu or Eng): 82,00 EUR instead of 87,00 EURRulebook (please specify if Deu or Eng): 22,00 EUR instead of 25,50 EURScenario book (please specify if Deu [...]

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Game report by Olaf Simons

First impression of the game We (Dennis Wietstock) and I come from the Wings of Glory WW1 scene and had recently discovered WoG WW2 for ourselves. Unfortunately, this game system is now outdated and the airplanes are hardly available for a reasonable price.

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Szenario-Con 2024

The annual SZENARIO-Con took place in Hackenheim, near Bad Kreuznach, from January 12 to 14, 2024. With around 300 guests, the event was very well attended. We met many old and new friends and had a lot of fun. A big thank you at this point to the organizers, while we are planning a big Air Raid 36/46 in 2023.

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New Kickstarter

After the successful first Kickstarter of Air Raid 36/46, we are planning another Kickstarter next year. Among other things, further aircraft will be offered as metal miniatures in 1:200 scale. We also conducted a survey among the supporters of the Kickstarter and the members of our Facebook group. The master miniatures of the first 20 aircraft types have already been created and

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Following the successful completion of the kick-start, we are now offering all interested parties the Air Raid 36/46 products in our online store:

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Kickstarter 2023 delivered

Delivery of the Kickstarter has been completed: All packages have either already arrived at the Kickstarter backers or are now being shipped. Thank you again for your support of our project. We are now planning to bring the products onto the market and are already working on the next Kickstarter. More detailed information will follow.

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Rhein Main Multiversum Tabletop Convention – 2

Here are some pictures from the Rhein Main Multiversum Tabletop Convention. There were a lot of visitors and many interesting game systems were presented and we played several Air Raid 36/46 games in which the fighter planes of Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Australia met over the North African desert. There were exciting situations and surprising tactics. A big thank you

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