Game reports

Feb 5th 2024

Author: Juergen Rode / Germany

Today we had two nice games at the meeting. The first was 14.1 from the rule book. A very intense game that was characterized by close dogfights. The Hiryu Zeros were able to maintain the upper hand for a long time thanks to their agility and fighting power. But then the Curtiss was able to secure a draw when she scored two points of damage with one hit and thus shot down the second Zero

Author: Juergen Rode / Germany

The second game went to the Philippines, scenario book #1.10. The attacking Zero was to be intercepted by three P-26 Peashooters. Even though the Zero won in the end, it was a very close game. The P-26s missed the hit roll by one eye a total of six times. Luck was not on Villamor's side. In both scenarios, the Zeros were able to show their actual maneuverability in the game, especially during the tight turns. The Hineri-komi maneuver was also decisive in the game, especially with the veteran zero.

Feb 4th 2024

Author: Olaf Simons/Germany

Yesterday the scenarios #14.3 and #14.4 were on the program. Here is a short match report. After a Val lost its range due to 2 hits in the first match, it was no longer able to bridge the last 3 fields and was shot down. The second machine that rushed to help also arrived too late and was unable to do anything. (Babek's note: Since questions arose as to exactly when a scenario ends, I adopted Olaf's suggestion: A scenario ends immediately as soon as one of the victory conditions occurs.)

The second scenario was clear and hard to beat in terms of tension. Here the game once again showed where its strengths lie, how important initiative is and how well you can react to situations. Despite being a veteran, Nagahama messed up his Ini throws in his Zero and came under heavy pressure from the two P-40 pilots. He quickly conceded the first goal and was even weaker as a result. Through some evasive maneuvers he was able to avoid further damage and finally managed to pursue an opponent. He suffered two hits straight away and tried to escape. The clever Japanese didn't chase him and thus free his back, but instead concentrated on the second pilot. A tight turn put him out of firing range. Finally the ini worked and he finished off the stricken plane. This led to a showdown between the undamaged P-40 and him. At a short distance they stood opposite each other and shot at each other. A goal would have defeated the Japanese and ended the game, but the Australian lost his nerve and missed while conceding a goal himself. Now the hunt began and with a magnificent finale, the Zero managed to throw a 9 at a long distance (see picture) with a required 10, which as a veteran was a 10. Now two more hits were needed to win the game and with another 9 (Veteran 10) he managed it.

Jan 21st 204

Author: Olaf Simons/Germany

We played our first 2 scenarios from the rule book. In the first match, the Japanese achieved a decisive success, taking down both P40s and not losing any machines. 😁 The second mission also started very well, so that 2 P40s were shot down and the torpedo bombers were able to calmly attack the Oklahoma at the same time. The right bomber also added 3 damage straight away, so it should be an easy win. Unfortunately, the pilot missed his throw with a 3, so even as a veteran he missed the target with a 4. 😢 So the Americans still won the game with a success. We noticed that it is not entirely clear when a scenario ends. In this case we stopped when there were no torpedoes left.

Jan 20th 2024

Author: Olaf Simons/Germany

So, I completed the first AirRaid game yesterday, but more on that later. Here's a rule question: Japan won the initiative and 3 aircraft. US only has one left, but is pursuing a Japanese. What is the turn order? [Answer Babek: Page 21: “In the last change of turns, both sides only move 1 aircraft each.” This means that even if Japan has won the Ini, Japan has to move 2 of its aircraft before the US aircraft (which had lost the Ini). There is also a tailing situation. The P-40 has the right to pull after the Zero he tailed. The Japan player should therefore move the tailed machine together with another Zero, leaving the third Zero and the P-40 for the final turn change. Then the P-40 has to pull and lastly the Ini winner Japan has to pull its last Zero. If the Japan player does not pull the tailed machine so that it remains in the last turn change, then he must pull it before the iniverloser USA according to the tailing rule. If one side only has 1 plane and the other has more, then in fact, as you described, the 1:1 no longer applies in the last turn change.]

Jan 14th 2024

Author: Tercio Viejo San Vincente + Salvador Martinez Guijarro / Spain

Good feelings from Spain🤩🤩🤩 (Google Spanish translation: ) Good, good! Yesterday in the club we had Air Raid 36/46. Very positive impressions, an easy game, quick to understand but difficult to master. We are very excited for new updates, we encourage everyone to try it, even the people who don't call it the flying war, it is very enjoyable and fun😄

Author: Juergen Rode / Germany

Today we played the Battle of Britain scenario in the club. The German planes managed to destroy the radar station at the last moment.