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As some of you already know, we are about to launch our second Kickstarter for AIR RAID 36/46! In about a month we will start the campaign with two new scenario packs with additional bomber-themed rules, as well as 17 new highly detailed 1/200 metal aircraft models! Among others the Vought F4U Corsair, the Lockheed [...]

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New preview for Kickstarter 2024

Here is a preview of the upcoming Kickstarter. The miniatures were painted by me - the decals are from The start of the next Air Raid 36/46 Kickstarter is planned for the second half of June. It will include 17 new aircraft types and several stretch goals. All miniatures (including the vehicles) were designed by Roman Troyan and produced by Schilling-Figuren

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Additional Gaming Rules planned

Additional game rules are planned for the upcoming Air Raid 36/46 Kickstarter. These include those for escort fighters. Here is the current draft with some examples. Can you check the text for possible gaps and ambiguities? And of course it would also be very helpful if you could also test these rules in your Air Raid 36/46 games.

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New Kickstarter

After the successful first Kickstarter of Air Raid 36/46, we are planning another Kickstarter next year. Among other things, further aircraft will be offered as metal miniatures in 1:200 scale. We also conducted a survey among the supporters of the Kickstarter and the members of our Facebook group. The master miniatures of the first 20 aircraft types have already been created and

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Kickstarter 2023 delivered

Delivery of the Kickstarter has been completed: All packages have either already arrived at the Kickstarter backers or are now being shipped. Thank you again for your support of our project. We are now planning to bring the products onto the market and are already working on the next Kickstarter. More detailed information will follow.

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